Air Force One Escort

I was fortunate enough to get to be on a presidential team , to provide medical care for the president if needed while he was in St. Louis for a  Speech, Many hours of sitting around waiting to say the least.

Click on a picture for a better image.

Us getting lined up for inspection

Our truck opened up ready for being inspected

Us waiting at edge of landing area for AF-1 to land

AF-1 taxi's past us.

Us driving up to await crews to deplane. They run to the vans waiting. This is for the presidential media staff.

Everybody waiting for president to deplane.

Still standing around waiting.

Crews heading to vans

Us driving past where president gets on and off.

Us following in the motorcade.

They take these turns at no less than about 45 mph.

They forget that a diesel does not accelerate as fast as their limos

Still trying to catch up.

Presidents Limo as it leaves the Arena.

Us arriving at AF-1 again.

Us along side plane getting ready to park for a 2 hour wait.

Special meetings with president while we wait.

I bet that one guy standing at bottom of steps is a lot tougher than he looks.

Lots of waiting around

Me posing like a dork.

Me posing again.

My ambulance with AF-1 in background.

Us still waiting for our released signal.

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