Paramedic CyberBase Scanner Page

My Mobile set up is the Uniden Home Patrol , which I am very happy with , with the new P25 
and digital trunking out there, this works for everything.

My primary at home scanner is a Uniden 996XT, Antenna is a Scantenna  

and I also run a Pro-96 as well.

If you have the need to monitor multiple online scanners, try

I get a lot of my information from Radio Reference (the Premium membership is worth it)

All information disseminated here is publically available, and not considered confidential

Run all three scanners from one page here  ("EMS and Fire" only as well as "EMS-Fire-Law")

If you have a data plan on your cell phone, you can scan the same scanners anywhere using them.

Click here for a list of currently available applications

I use the Scanner Radio Pro  for Android, which I love

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RadioReference can be accessed by cell at

And Yes, you can run multiple scanners off one antenna feed.

St. Charles County Fire and EMS:

St. Charles County Ambulance  and all Fire Departments in the County

Are Dispatched bySt. Charles Dispatch and Alarm

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Ch.# Channel Description Freq. PL tone
1 Page Out Channel 154.250 127.3
2 Operations 155.940 141.3
3 OPS. Channel 3 154.085 141.3
4 OPS. Channel 4 158.835 141.3
5 OPS. Channel 5 158.865 141.3
6 OPS. Channel 6 154.445 127.3
7 Admin./Ch. 7 154.515 123.0
8 Fire Mutual Aid 154.280  
9 EMA (locked out) 155.835 141.3
10 HEAR 340 155.340  
13 Fire Ground Ch. D 154.295  
14 Fire Ground Ch. C 154.265  
15 Fire Ground Ch. B 155.325  
16 Fire Ground Ch. A 153.830  
17 Marine Ch. 16 156.800  



Procedure for calls dispatched out and unit traffic

Dispatch pages out all calls on Channel 1 (Page out channel)

They assign most calls to Channel 2 (Operations)

If one particular call will be a serious event, such as a Major MVA, Fire, or other event, it would be assigned to Channels 3 through 6. Depending on where it occurs in the county. Dispatch has multiple radio receive sites throughout the county.

When on a Fire scene, Command will label the event by either the location, or business name. Such as "Highway 70 command" or "McDonalds command" , then they will assign a Fire Ground channel. Usually it is Channel 16, why do we have Channel A last ?  Because our radios are 16 channels, and we just rotate the knob all the way to last channel. If there are multiple events in progress then the other channels will be used as needed to keep on scene communications clear.


My live weather station information at my house




Fire Departments within St. Charles County

Rivers Pointe Fire and Rescue

Orchard Farm Fire

St. Charles City Fire/Rescue

Central County Fire and Rescue

O'fallon Fire

Lake St. Louis Fire

Wentzville Fire District

New Melle Fire

Cottleville Fire

My Backyard cam, If you see fire, by all means call 911

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