Paramedic CyberBase Scanner Page

My Mobile setup is the Uniden Home Patrol .

My primary at home scanner is 2 Uniden 996XT, Antenna is a Scantenna  

on one and a Yagi on the other one. I also have a Ham radio

which monitors the Storm Spotter Network.

If you have the need to monitor multiple online scanners, try ScannerLive

I get all of my information from Radio Reference (the Premium membership is worth it)

Run all three of my scanners from one page here

If you have a data plan on your cell phone, you can scan the same scanners anywhere using them.

Click here for a list of currently available applications

I use the Scanner Radio Pro  for Android, which I love

If you have an Apple Phone, use this one Scanner Radio Deluxe

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St. Charles County Missouri Scanner Traffic

If you want to program your scanner, most of the information

you need can be found here,

St. Charles County Fire and EMS:

St. Charles County Ambulance  and all Fire Departments in the County

Are Dispatched by St. Charles Dispatch and Alarm

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Procedure for calls dispatched out and unit traffic

EMS and Fire Units are Paged out on Talkgroup Channel 1 FE DISP

Units typically respond and operations are on Channel 2 FE OPS

Large Events such as Fires, MVA, Etc are on 

Ch. 4 FE TAC 61

Ch. 7 FE TAC 64

Ch. 10 FE TAC 67

Each Large event channel has 2 channels available to them for side traffic

Channel Line up

Channel 1 FE Disp Main Page Out

Channel 2 FE OPS Main Operations Channel for normal calls

Channel 3 FE TAC 60 Secondary channel for FE TAC 61

Channel 4 FE TAC 61 Major Event Main 

Channel 5 FE TAC 62 Secondary channel for FE TAC 61

Channel 6 FE TAC 63 Secondary channel for FE TAC 64

Channel 7 FE TAC 64 Major Event

Channel 8 FE TAC 65 Secondary channel for FE TAC 64

Channel 9 FE TAC 66 Secondary channel for FE TAC 67

Channel 10 FE TAC 67 Major Event

Channel 11 FE TAC 68 Secondary channel for FE TAC 67

Channel 12 FE OPS

Channel 13 FE DISP

Channel 14  SCC-CALL  Interop Channel for multiple in county agencies


Fire Departments within St. Charles County

Rivers Pointe Fire and Rescue

Orchard Farm Fire

St. Charles City Fire/Rescue

Central County Fire and Rescue

O'fallon Fire

Lake St. Louis Fire

Wentzville Fire District

New Melle Fire

Cottleville Fire

Augusta Fire 

Any corrections or additions? Please email me

Last updated 10/06/2017

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